Recycling efforts in Puerto Peñasco


reciclado Recycling efforts in Puerto PeñascoAccording to Global Calendar, May 17th is celebrated in many spots on the planet as International Recycling Day.  In Puerto Peñasco various HOAs are launching their own recycling programs, or expanding efforts, by calling on homeowners to recycle a variety of items including aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic bottles, batteries, and more. [There are currently no facilities in town that recycle plastic bags or glass bottles. It’s worth keeping in mind MANY cerveza bottles are marked “RETORNABLE” and can be returned to place of purchase (*Usually there’s a deposit for bottles at initial purchase). The “NO-RETORNABLE” bottles are not for return.]

Los Vecinos de Las Conchas recently sent out a letter to all its Vecinos, announcing its new recycling program with the installation of four bins on the North side of the Las Conchas entrance (containers open only from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.) Proceeds from the recycling campaign will go to the efforts of the Las Conchas Community Relations Committee.  Similarly, folks at Puerta Privada and other HOAs have been busy recycling aluminum cans for quite some time. Local groups such as Mi Penasco Limpio, the Trash Mob, EcoHope and CEDO have also been active in promoting recycling awareness and general clean-up efforts.

Speaking of recycling, throughout the month of May CEDO is holding their own recycling campaign in both Rocky Point and Tucson with a call for people to recycle: inkjet cartridges, cell phones/pagers/PDAs, iPods/MP3 players, iPads/tablets, eBook readers, digital/video cameras, mobile hot spots, GPS & radar detectors, calculators, video games & accessories, video game consoles, and video game handhelds (Drop off location also at CEDO site in Tucson: 4560 E. Broadway, Suite 220  Contact:



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