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August 19, 2019

Puerto Peñasco’s Homeport: Work moves forward

Wendy Winzer, administrator of Consorcio Constructor de Obras Marinas, which is heading up Puerto Peñasco’s mega homeport, assures the project remains firm and though there have been setbacks work will go on and it will be delivered on time.

homeport Puerto Peñasco's Homeport: Work moves forwardWinzer, representative for the company that won the construction bid for the breakwater, further remarked work stoppages and delays due to lack of the required stone have affected project progress, pushing the company to double up efforts and shifts in order to make up for lost time.

She expressed they are consistently managing transparent information about both project progress and delays with the State Government by way of the Tourism Promotion Commission, presided over by Javier Tapia Camou, with whom she coordinates.

“Though there is a delay with the project we can still recover work, which is feasible by doubling up shifts, we’re pressed but we’re moving on,” emphasized Winzer.

With respect to the “haulers” who, following a month of work stoppage, were removed from the area where the Homeport is being built, the Consorcio representative indicated the company is making payments on what is owed, provided the work can be illustrated. She also made assurances the company is open to allowing the haulers back to work, as long as norms are met.

homeport-2 Puerto Peñasco's Homeport: Work moves forwardCurrently, hauling of rock from Cerro Prieto is being done with the four tipper semi-trailers already on hand and four additional ones that have come in to further the rock haul.

Winzer commented another concerning situation is the lack of large rock or “coraza” as it is called. So, they are working on alternatives in Peñasco’s surrounding areas, or even the possibility of manufacturing the rock out of a concrete base.

“Even given these conditions,” she explained, “construction work on the breakwater, which will become the first homeport in the entire country, will be done on time and in 2015.”

“We are talking about the first homeport, which is a detonator, meaning a better economy for the town and job sources. This is about cruise ships with thousands of people that will arrive and use services in the community; it’s a tremendous anchor for the introduction of new markets, we envision a huge project.”

home-port-construction Puerto Peñasco's Homeport: Work moves forward



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