85 °F Puerto Penasco, MX
August 24, 2019

Puerto Peñasco celebrates Día de la Marina

On June 1st, Puerto Peñasco celebrated the 72nd National Marine Day honoring members of Mexico’s Navy as well as the lives, work, and sacrifice of local fishermen. The morning ceremony held at Plaza Gobernadores in the Old Port included the presence of Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta and First Lady DIF President Rafaela Félix de Figueroa, along with State Public Safety Secretary Ernesto Munro Palacio, the royal court of the local Marina Fest, and city council members.  The ceremony also included special recognition medals for Lieutenant José Alfredo Jiménez Martínez and Second Master Humberto Parra Trujillo for their 25 and 20 years of service, respectively to the Mexican Navy. In addition, General Corps Senior Ranking Juan Pedro Ortega received an honorable mention for his outstanding work, cooperation and responsibility that led to the Cuauhtemoc vessel receipt of an award for instructional routes in 2012.

Following the ceremony held at Plaza Gobernadores, officials and guests made their way to the docks where they boarded boats and headed into the waters of the Sea of Cortez to place honorary wreaths just off the city’s coast.



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