Pools to be tested prior to return of tourism in Puerto Peñasco

By José Antonio Pérez

Given the eventual return of tourism to Puerto Peñasco (by Phase III of the city’s proposed plan), the Health Control Unit of the State Commission on Health Risks (Coesprisson) is scheduling to once again test area pools to prevent the presence of amoebas and other risks.

Carlos Decina Torres, head of the local Coespression office, detailed once a date has been finalized to once again receive visitors, his office will test the nearly 70 pools in the area to ensure they are safe for recreational purposes.

He clarified with resorts and hotels closed, the pools are not in use, though his office will take steps to ensure pools do not pose any health risks once able to reopen.  The State Health Lab, he detailed, is focused on running Covid-19 tests as well as regular evaluations on food safety, so his office is waiting to get the green light to begin taking samples from Peñasco’s pools.



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