Juan “Gallito” Estrada – Rocky Point’s Rising Boxing Star

Gallo-Estrada-620x324 Juan "Gallito" Estrada - Rocky Point's Rising Boxing Star

With the third and much talked about boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez coming up this weekend, Nov. 12, we thought it the perfect time to highlight the accomplishments of Puerto Peñasco’s own rising boxing stars.

Juan “El Gallito” Estrada, who originally hails from Puerto Peñasco, recently advanced to the semifinal of the TV Azteca Reality Show “Aztec Champion Round 3” after defeating José Alfredo “Galletas” Tírado.  According to Azteca Deportes (Azteca Sports), the first round was a bit rough, with both fighters out to take home the victory. While they both released their best blows, “El Gallito” came out on top after stunning his opponent on a few different occasions. In Tirado’s zeal to attack, he let down his guard, which allowed “Gallo’s” punches to land.

During the second round, Estrada connected a left that sent “Galletas” to the mat. Miraculously, he stumbled to his feet and tried unsuccessfully to respond. By minute 2:38, Estrada was able to connect again, making referee Gabriel Peralta stop the fight and announce Puerto Peñasco’s rising boxing star the winner.

It is also worth noting that El “Gallo” Estrada received the Boxer of the Year award for 2010 from the Sonoran Boxing and Wrestling Commission. Stay tuned, we’ll be keeping track of the achievements of this Rocky Point hometown athlete.   By the way, you can catch the Pacquiao – Marquez fight on Nov. 12 at many local Rocky Point hot spots all over town!

Information from: Azteca Deportes
Photo courtesy of : Azteca Deportes



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