Jazz murals go up in Old Port

Office of Art & Culture implements mural program to combat graffiti

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. April 7, 2016.  The Municipal administration, via the Office of Art and Culture, is carrying out a mural program in the Old Port with the goal of combatting graffiti and rescuing public spaces by transforming them into urban art, all in leading up to the 5th International Jazz Festival celebration to be held April 22nd & 23rd in the city.

Deputy Director of Art and Culture, Guillermo Munro Colosio, remarked prior to the Jazz celebration the city is working to rescue public spaces through art and invites anyone living in the Port area who would like to donate their wall to the effort to contact 383 3323 or via cell: (33) 1753 3549  or email memuco@icloud.com

The collective murals have been done in spray paint by local talent including Memuco himself, Jordán Pino, Omar Zamudio, “Firio”, Israel “Isra” Ríos, and Rafael “Rafa” Barnett, among others.



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