Inauguration of Amores de Peñasco Children’s Home

The plan to have a children’s home within the city itself, run and operated by the DIF (Office for Integral Family Development) has come to fruition and, though children moved into the home in August last year, “Amores de Peñasco” was officially inaugurated on Wednesday, March 28th.  Sonora’s First Lady,  Iveth Dagnino de Padrés, joined Puerto Peñasco’s First Lady and local DIF President Marcela Albelaiz de Zepeda, along with Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, for the ribbon cutting ceremony in front of the spacious home located right next to the City’s physical rehabilitation center.  Also on hand were Minerva Ramirez de Rentería, Peñasco’s former First Lady, who was responsible for helping to get the construction of the new home off the ground, as well as Rodger and Jeanette Clifton, principal benefactors in helping complete the project.  DIF Director Imelda Zamudio Sanchez, and Home Coordinator Esperanza López Trasviña enthusiastically led everyone through the home, which is well equipped with spacious bedrooms, study areas, kitchen, dining room, and even a nursery.  After the tour, Rodger and Jeanette revealed the home’s new plaque and expressed their joy in having been a part of this endeavor.  It has been a long road to open a DIF children’s home directly within the city, and we congratulate all those involved in helping to bring this about!



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