How & where to get a fishing permit in Puerto Peñasco

If you have a boat and are looking to go fishing in Puerto Peñasco, getting a permit is not difficult though be sure to follow these steps:

agencia-fiscal-630x473 How & where to get a fishing permit in Puerto Peñasco

– First go to the Fiscal Agency, located at the corner of Luis Encinas & No Reeleccion. At the last window inside (also for driver’s licenses), you will be asked to show a photo I.D. with your complete name.  There they will complete the appropriate documentation entitled “Anuencia para Expedición de Permiso de Asociaciones de Caza, Tiro y Pesca por Socio” (Express agreement to issue permit to hunting, shooting, and fishing associations by partnership”.  This document will validate your fishing activities in compliance with CONAPESCA (fishing authorities).

Costs vary depending on length of permit (*prices valid as of July 2018):

* 1 day: 140 pesos

* 1 week: 350 pesos

* 1 month: 525 pesos

* 1 year: 700 pesos

However, if you don’t have your own boat but still want to go fishing in Puerto Peñasco, there are plenty of businesses that will offer to take you out, starting with Rocky Point Fishing Club on the south side of the docks, as well as Federico’s Fishing Charter on the north.



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