Holly-Day event for local Children’s Homes 12/14

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cm-esperanza Holly-Day event for local Children's Homes 12/14The 2nd annual Holly Day event at Esperanza Children’s Home is a wonderful opportunity for the American/Canadian/Mexican community in Puerto Peñasco to provide a holiday fiesta for children who are living at Amores de Peñasco and Esperanza.  Both of these are foster homes for babies and children from ages 3 mos. to 20 years whose parents cannot care for them.

This year’s delectable spread will consist of turkey, salad, potatoes and gravy, and dessert.  It will be held at Esperanza on Saturday, December 14, 2013 from 12 noon to 3 PM.  Volunteers are needed to help prepare and serve lunch, assist the children with games and other activities, and all you “crafty” folks are much needed to create stockings for all the kids, numbering about 60 in all.

UCW-Esperanza-620x465 Holly-Day event for local Children's Homes 12/14
Presentation of gift cards from Holly-Day 2012

If you are not a hands-on type of person or will not be in town for the event, YOU CAN STILL HELP; donations are needed in the form of cash, food, stocking-stuffers and prizes.  Last year we received so much support that after the event we were able to purchase food gift cards from Super Ley for both Amores de Peñasco and Esperanza.  As many of you know, the lack of food at both of these facilities is by far their biggest challenge. Let’s do it again this year!

There are so many ways you can help:


Cash donations may be left at Peñasco Beauty Center marked for Esperanza.

Cash will be used to purchase gift cards for the staff adults of both institutions, prizes for the winners of games, plates and utensils, material and gifts for the holiday stockings, and to fill in any food items that don’t receive enough donations.

Food:  We expect to be serving about 70 people

Food donations and preparation is needed in the following categories:

Turkey (cooked and carved, please, with gravy or pan drippings).  If you want to supply a turkey but can’t cook it, that’s OK.  We need at least 9 turkeys.   Salad (including lettuce, tomato, cucumber and carrots)    Ranch Dressing (2 gallons needed)   Mashed Potatoes (50 lbs needed) Gravy (5 gallons needed)     Dessert –cookies, brownies and cupcakes totaling 70 pieces

MG_1220-620x412 Holly-Day event for local Children's Homes 12/14Games

The kids will play 2 games of Lotería (Mexican Bingo), and prizes are needed. 2 DVDs of current movies such as “Despicable Me” or “Madagascar” that can be enjoyed by all ages is appreciated.

We’d like to make holiday stockings for the children.  Candy canes, henna tattoo kits, lip balm, small bottles of nail polish, and school supplies are examples of stocking-stuffer gifts.

Please volunteer to help in one or more of the categories above by emailing Nina Campfield, nina.campfield@gmail.com by November 15. 

Our gratitude goes out to last year’s supporters:

Latitude 31

Peńasco Beauty Center

Uncommon Women on Common Ground

Playa Bonita Social Club


Salas y Monroy


And all the other wonderful individuals, too many to list here!

Remember you can show your support in a variety of ways! Businesses that would like to help sponsor this event, please contact Cindy Hall at 638-105-2669.

Thank you in advance for your hard work and tremendous generosity. We are confident that with your help we can once again bring big smiles to all the kids’ faces.



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