Gearing up for CEDO Celebration Nov. 9th

cedo-nov9-620x620 Gearing up for CEDO Celebration Nov. 9thCEDO is preparing for a Fall Festival with an auction, dancing, dinner, and more. In preparation for the Nov. 9th activities, CEDO staff is looking for unique objects or activities for the fundraising auction. These could be paintings, photography, exotic jewelry, tours, spa sessions, etc.

Please contact CEDO: 382 0113  or Abraham (CEDO intern) cell: 044 638 113 3591

Tickets for the Nov. 9th event are $25 US and may be purchased at CEDO

CEDO está en la búsqueda de objetos o actividades únicos para la subasta que los ayudará a recaudar fondos. Pueden ser pinturas, fotografías, joyería exótica, tours, sesiones de spa, etc.  Para mayores informes, contacte a CEDO: 382 0113
Boletos para la fiesta del 9 de noviembre cuestan $25 US y disponibles en CEDO.



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