Fishermen ratify demand to resume fishing in Upper Gulf

 By José Antonio Pérez

Carlos Alberto Tirado Pineda, representative for the Regional Federation of Fishing Cooperative Societies in the Biosphere Reserve of the Upper Gulf, affirmed that fishermen want to resume activities to support their livelihood, but not by using violence or illegal conduct. He remarked while there is desperation, this not enough that would merit aggressions such as those depicted on January 10th and 31st against the “Sea Shepherd” non-governmental environmental group.

Tirado Piñeda detailed they have requested the federal government restore fishing conditions in the Upper Golf to those of 2015, though international pressure remains due to the possible extinction of the endangered vaquita marina.

He furthered that fishermen operating legally have not committed any violence, which can be verified by the satellite positioning devices that have been on all ships since 2017.

Tirado Pineda emphasized that fishing is the only activity that fishermen know how to do, and restrictions on fishing in the region have not produced positive opportunities for the community nor for the vaquita they are trying to save. Yet, he reiterated, violent confrontations are not the way to reach a solution for anyone involved.  He noted diverse alternatives and actions are required in the Upper Gulf, which is what they hope for from the new federal administration.



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