Family boat trip becomes amazing rescue

What began as a family boat trip turned into a life-saving journey for a family that came across a stranded individual who had been out at sea for more than 5 hours.

This occurred around 4 p.m. on Thursday, August 11th, near the coast of La Cholla when a family headed out to sea in a panga driven by Isidro Zavala Gaytan managed to spot something floating on the water. As they approached, they realized it was a man who was supporting himself by clutching an ice-cooler, and who they helped into their boat.

Forty-nine year old Anuar Elías Uribe was assisted by the family, who gave him water and also cut off fishing line he had wrapped around one of his ankles, which had hindered his swimming efforts.

In returning to port, Elias Uribe was tended to by paramedics from the Fire Department who determined he was in good health. Following their fortuitous rescue of Uribe, the family then went back to their boat trip at sea.

The rescued individual reported that he and a friend had gone out fishing around midday in a small metal boat, which was tipped over by waves caused by the wind.  His friend managed to get to port in order to notify authorities and the Navy had just begun a search along Puerto Peñasco’s coasts when the family came across Uribe.

One of those on board managed to record a video of the rescue, which became viral within hours after hitting social networks.



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