El Gallo brings World Championship Boxing to Puerto Peñasco

Just days to go before the international boxing event to be held in Puerto Peñasco, in which hometown boxer Juan Francisco “El Gallo” Estrada will seek to defend his double world flyweight championship titles, expectations are el gallo estrada listo 4growing and can be felt across national press. There are waves of support and tremendous excitement for the event, which is to be held here locally at the new Convention Center on Saturday, April 26th!  Andrés Brambila of ZANFER production company who is promoting the function, details the event is set to have 4500 spectators, and will be of the caliber of a World Championship event. The organization and arrangements, Brambila explains, include spectacular lighting and sound, national and global TV coverage to be broadcast to more than 36 countries, including the U.S., via Pay Per View. The only reason the event is being held in Puerto Peñasco, he states, is because “El Gallo” wanted to fight in front of his people, and in his city!

We are very grateful to this 22 year old who has suddenly placed Puerto Peñasco on the international stage, with sportscasters and fans talking about Puerto Peñasco over Twitter, social networks, and webpages for the upcoming bout of our boxing champ!

As of the time of this writing, there were still a few tickets left for Saturday’s historic event. If El Gallo prevails, this will be the third consecutive time he has taken down a Filipino challenger. This time he will be facing Richie Mepranum, who, according to his own stats, is also in perfect physical condition and with a record of 27 won (6 KO), 3 losses (1 KO), and 1 drawn, according to Box Rec.

The weigh in ceremony will be this Friday, where our champ El Gallo Estrada will show off his excellent physical condition. The weigh in is to be held at Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort, one of the sponsors of the event.

For information regarding tickets, please call 638 112 3189.

It is worth noting, El Gallo has decided that proceeds from ticket sales will go toward ongoing efforts of the local DIF to equip the local Dialysis Center.



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