Convention Center proves welcome site for paramedic student conference

Following a CPR training course organized by the Tucson-Mexico Sister Cities Association in April, the Puerto Peñasco Convention Center recently welcomed hundreds of students from Sonora and Baja California to an International Congress on Hospital Emergencies and disaster response.

Internationally recognized specialists in these areas provided the course May 3rd – 5th, with the goal of strengthening paramedic students’ knowledge as well as that of pre-hospital staff.

The event, which was coordinated by the Technological University of Puerto Peñasco (UTPP) and the EMT and degree programs of Civil Protection, included the participation of nearly 300 students along with paramedics and emergency rescue response staff.

Topics addressed at the congress ranged from wounds due to fire arms and weapons, preparation and response in the event of earthquakes and hurricanes, landing preparation for ambulances, led by instructor Zaid Hage from Saudi Arabia, as well as issues of civil protection and pre-hospital psychology, among others.

The Puerto Peñasco EXPO Convention Center is proving to be an ample space in welcoming conferences and congresses of this kind.



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