City Recycling collection site remains open

The City’s Permanent Recycling Collection Site, located behind City Hall on Ave. Coahuila, continues to receive PET, cardboard, plastic tops, glass, batteries, paper, and glass.

Municipal Ecology Director Marcia Ortega Morales detailed, per instructions of mayor Jorge Pivac and thanks to the community’s positive response, containers remain in place for collection of recyclables.

She furthered the Permanent Recycling Collection Site is part of a comprehensive program, with ongoing support of the local administration, for the reuse and appropriate final disposal of polluting materials. This also helps generate resources for social causes.

First launched in Feb 2021, the recycling collection site with access via Ave. Coahuila between Blvd. Francisco Javier Carrillo (formerly Fremont) and Calle Ignacio Allende, can receive: plastic bottles (PET), plastic bottle tops, glass, cardboard, batteries, and paper.




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