Circus Mexicus XXI is coming to town!

cm-roger-sombrero-412x620 Circus Mexicus XXI is coming to town!As a son of the Southwest, I’ve always considered Mexico a good neighbor. To me, she’s always been an open door. A place where time is not money, a place to re-create, to slow down, to recharge. She’s always colorful, inviting and gracious. ~ Roger Clyne

“Here comes another song about Mexico… “  This line rings out at the beginning of the Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers first set as they take the stage in Puerto Peñasco (aka Rocky Point) either in front of the cozy yet packed crowd gathered at JJ’s for January Jam, or in front of thousands on the beach for Circus Mexicus.  Here comes something you may not know about Mexico…. and the band’s valuable impact (socially, economically, and charitably) on this seaside spot nestled up in the northwestern corner of Sonora.

The up close and personal January Jam, which rang out for the 5th time over at JJ’s at the end of Jan., to date has brought out over 5000 people in all. In addition, Circus Mexicus managers Keara Zito and Greg Ross, who also markets Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine Ultra Premium Tequilas, estimate over 45,000 fans (who spend approx. $200 US a day on food, lodging, and travel) have left their worries behind and come to Circus Mexicus from all over the world the last 12 years!  RCPM-JJJJ-V-16-620x413 Circus Mexicus XXI is coming to town!How important is this locally? Well, according to Joe Anacleto from JJ’s Cantina who has hosted various RCPM events since 2000, Roger’s shows helped him to keep JJ’s up and running during the U.S. recession which sunk many Rocky Point businesses throughout a 4 year period!  Salud!

Plus, as tourism continues to grow in Rocky Point, Zito says the band will always look into other opportunities to come down this way by the Sea of Cortez.  After a successful sold out Roger Solo en México performance in January (the night before January Jam), that’s already on the docket for next year. Ross mentioned that “Rocky Point is a big part of Roger thematically and otherwise. Roger and the band connect Rocky Point to many people from all over the world.”

Circus Mexicus XXI

This year marks the 21st Circus Mexicus concert weekend, which is June 7 – 10!  Once a biannual event, promoted at first largely through word of mouth, Circus Mexicus has become an annual trek for music followers and this year’s advance ticket sales already promise people coming in from 36 US states (including Hawaii) and 7 different countries  (Thailand, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Canada, US and Mexico)! So far, promoters tell us advance ticket sales are pointing to an estimated 3000+ concert goers, gearing up for a four hour rock concert on the beach!

circus-mexicus-620x352 Circus Mexicus XXI is coming to town!This year, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers really want more Puerto Peñasco Mexican residents to come. For those locals interested, they can buy discounted $15 tickets to the Saturday concert at either Wrecked At the Reef properties as long as residents present their local Mexico ID when picking up their tickets at Will Call.

Por cierto, este año Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, para promover su concierto de junio entre los Rocaportenses, están ofreciendo boletos con descuento a $15 US, disponibles en Wrecked @ The Reef, y solo necesitas presentar tu credencial de elector al momento de recoger los boletos en ventanilla.

After early years of concerts around town from Baja Cantina then over by Sunset Cantina, and finally at the spread by Chango’s Bar on Sandy Beach, this year’s Circus Mexicus will be christening their new venue right ON THE BEACH by Wrecked at the Reef on Sandy Beach! Plus, this year several bars including Latitude 31 and Boo Bar who carry Mexican Moonshine Tequilas are offering exclusive weekend discounts to those wearing their Circus Mexicus wristbands.

Circus Mexicus is so much more than a concert, like a Circus it’s a whole three ring event – or rather, three day (actually this year – four)! RCPM tell us the main goal of Circus Mexicus is to provide fans “an affordable, fun and comfortable weekend centered around one of the most unique entertainment experiences anywhere.” Plus, RCPM and fans give back to the community in so many ways in addition to their music!

Kick off this year includes a taste of live rock ‘n roll tunes Thursday, June 7th @ Wrecked with free admission for:

9 pm Jason Boots (from Los Angeles, CA)

9:30 Shurman (from Austin, TX)

cm-hotdog Circus Mexicus XXI is coming to town!Then on Friday night, June 8th, the 3-ring affair begins with the now traditional Hot Dog and a Smile BBQ, organized by RCPM drummer PH Naffah with proceeds going to La Casa de Esperanza para los Niños  PH grills about 1000 hot dogs himself and fans donate whatever they want per hot dog. Additionally, fans bring household items, canned vegetables, clothes and cleaning supplies for the children’s home. To date, the event has raised more than $20,000 which funded a 35 room dormitory on site. In addition to cash, truckloads of donations are generated each year. All fans are encouraged to donate and attend the event, this year to be held June 8th at JJ’s Cantina beginning at 5pm.

cm-esperanza Circus Mexicus XXI is coming to town!When asked why he does it, Naffah replied, “Every drive I make to Rocky Point brings me past a colorful sign adorned with children’s handprints pointing the way toward Esperanza para Los niños Orphanage. The orphanage is unseen from the main highway and set in about a 2 miles down a dusty dirt road. ‘The road to nowhere’ I couldn’t help thinking. I couldn’t stop thinking of the kids at the orphanage and what I could do to make their lives a little better. I had mentioned to Roger my desire to help the children and he suggested I do a BBQ and give all the proceeds to the orphanage and “a hotdog and a smile” was born.”

At this year’s Friday night Hotdog and a Smile event, there will be 5 bands playing all night headlined by Jim Dalton and Sons Of Bill. There is a $10 cover charge at the door or fans are encouraged to buy all inclusive discounted tickets in advance including both Friday and Saturday night concerts at


5 pm Random Karma (from Phoenix, AZ)

6 pm Jason Boots

7 pm Shurman

8 pm Jim Dalton and Friends (from Denver, CO)

9 pm Sons of Bill (from Charlottesville, VA)

cm-rock-soccer2-405x620 Circus Mexicus XXI is coming to town!The next morning, the second ring of the Circus is unveiled with Roger Clyne’s 3rd Annual Rock and Beach Soccer Tournament on Saturday, June 9th, co-hosted by Wrecked At the Reef. Proceeds will go to the Larry D. Large Foundation which funds various endeavors that improve the quality of life for the citizens of Rocky Point. Most of the 140 players also bring new or gently used sporting equipment for the Peñasco Youth Sports Foundation organized by Rocky Point resident Rick Busa. Donations last year helped to send 4 Peñasco teenage soccer players to Guadalajara for a camp run by several university coaches in association with Chivas de Guadalajara Futbol Club!

Later that evening, as the sun sets and the tequila glows, Circus Mexicus really fills the air with sweet sounds over the Sea of Cortez:


6:30 pm Sons of Bill (acoustic show)

8pm – Midnight Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers

On the third (well, fourth) day, after the hotdogs, smiles, rock, soccer, and beach…the third ring of the Circus comes to completion with Mañanathon back at JJ’s Cantina. Once a pit stop to re-connect with keys and friends lost from the night before, the Mañanathon is also now a full on day of music itself, with RCPM stopping in throughout the day for a cerveza or dos.

cm-jason-boots-620x465 Circus Mexicus XXI is coming to town!SUNDAY, JUNE 10TH  @ JJ’S CANTINA (free admission)

11 am Jason Boots

12 pm Shurman

1 pm Sons of Bill

2 pm Jim Dalton and Friends

3 pm Random Karma

The community of Rocky Point is grateful for the música, melodías, y diversión that fills the town each time Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers are in town. Plus, RCPM has supported various raffles and auctions throughout the calendar year in Rocky Point, which is always a great boost (By the way, there are 2 tickets to the Sat. night concert of Circus Mexicus being raffled off at the 2012 Peñasco Business Expo on May 26th).

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers are also earth aware, and their commitment to 1% For the Planet last year was earmarked for a conservatory group dedicated to preserving aquatic life in the Sea of Cortez. Plus, 2012 marks the first year Circus Mexicus goes GREEN! Fans will be encouraged to use recycling bins at the Saturday night show on the beach for their aluminum cans. Everything collected will then be available for local residents to pick up after the show behind Wrecked for their own recycling income.

Randy Gahan from Wrecked at the Reef remarks, “It’s really important to me and all of the people who support Wrecked to keep our beaches clean. It’s also all of our personal responsibility to recycle when we can. We’re going to do our part.”

Worried about safety in Rocky Point? We’ll let Roger sum it up:  “Not stepping on a stingray in summer is my biggest safety concern when I visit.”

rcpm_060912-620x505 Circus Mexicus XXI is coming to town!So, remember …head to Rocky Point Jun 7 – 10, 2012 for Circus Mexicus!  Circus promoters highlight “This year marks the first concert being held on the beach at Wrecked At the Reef on Sandy Beach. The event has grown into 4 days of live music, sun, sand and seaside cantinas. Our friends at offer discounted condos at the Sonoran Sea and Spa which help make the weekend more affordable for many. Kids under 10 years old can attend events Friday-Sunday for free with a paying adult. offers great auto insurance options online.”

Anyone interested in more information – mayores informes – .

Here’s to life! See you there!

cm-2011-620x413 Circus Mexicus XXI is coming to town!



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