Buzz about projects in Puerto Peñasco

Each year there is always buzz about the possibility of exciting projects coming to Puerto Peñasco.  Some of this excitement in the past was stirred up with the development of the Coastal Highway, which has offered a wonderful “short-cut” to Baja California (and subsequently Yuma, AZ and parts Northwest of the city), the inauguration of the Sea of Cortez Airport  just south of town by Mayan Palace that provides runways for both small and commercial planes (which have included charters from different parts of the country over the years), and continued talk about the possibility of making Puerto Peñasco a home port for cruise ships. In addition, in recent years the talk of creating a City Convention Center has gained ground and is now part of the talk of the town.

Joe Houchin, who writes for the Sonoran Resort Blog, along with Jim Ringquist Sales Director of the Sonoran Resorts Sales Group, recently sat down with Gus Brown who has been a prominent figure around much of this latest buzz and they had a chance to discuss opportunities in the works for the area.  We invite you to read their entire article .

What is palpable in the city as we ease into this year is a feeling of electricity and excitement that things are starting to move (however gradually) in a positive direction for a number of businesses.  We look forward to what the year will bring as we keep tuned into all the buzz.



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