Bidding process on Puerto Peñasco Home Port to begin in first quarter of 2013

It has been announced that within the first quarter of 2013, the bidding process for construction of the Puerto Peñasco Cruise Ship Home Port will open. The project is set to cost 600 million pesos, remarked Sonoran Director of Tourism Promotion Javier Tapia Camou, as reported by the statewide newspaper El Imparcial.

According to these reports, approximately 195 million pesos will be granted  to the project this year at the Federal level, with the possibility of the amount to be broadened during the second quarter, along with a strong part to come in 2014. At the state level, officials will continue to seek resources for the coming year.

Tapia Camou concluded though construction has not yet begun, expectations are for the construction bidding process to start within the first quarter of 2013 so as to get started as soon as possible, and have the project ready by the end of either 2014 or into 2015.

Source:  Urquiojo, Miguel Angel (Jan. 10, 2013). Licitarán obra para construir Home Port de Peñasco. El Imparcial.



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