AIM Peñasco opens Child Therapy Center

The educational civil association AIM Peñasco, A.C., in conjunction with U.S. affiliate Steps of Love, has taken another step in empowering learning experiences in Puerto Peñasco with the inauguration of a Child Therapy and Attention Center (C.A.T.I.).

jan-19-cati-4 AIM Peñasco opens Child Therapy Center

AIM staff and collaborators, along with founder Kathleen “la Tia Katy” Duncan, were on hand for the moving ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday, Jan. 19th , just outside C.A.T.I.’s front door located in the Misión del Sol plaza.

jan-19-cati-3 AIM Peñasco opens Child Therapy Center

To get started, detailed AIM Director Carolina Pacheco Robles, the program will offer attention to at least 18 children and teens with special needs from across Puerto Peñasco.  Duncan added the Center aims to enhance ongoing physical rehabilitation therapy, as well as educational support (including an upcoming tele-therapy program with health science students from ASU).

First slated to open in June 2020, Covid-19 pushed the program’s start back a few months. In addition, due to the pandemic, funds for the center were channeled into other programs to help the broader community of Puerto Peñasco – from education to meals, and food baskets.

With the opening of the center, Duncan and Pacheco Robles are confident of the project’s success, which aims to empower independent children with special needs while also raising community awareness about disabilities.

For more information, be sure to visit:

Steps of Love   as well as   AIM Peñasco, A.C.



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