AIM opens 3rd Homework Club!

By José Antonio Pérez

The civil association “Asistencia Integral para Menores de Peñasco” (Comprehensive Care for Minors) AIM Peñasco has opened its third homework club in support of education, looking to help at least 200 students strengthen their academic formation.  The new “Drop-In” homework club is located in the area of Col. Nuevo Peñasco.

Nueva Creación elementary school Principal Ivan Sanchez praised the virtues of the project, which seeks to contribute to children’s development by strengthening the learning process. While recognizing this is an ambitious plan, he highlighted its value in working to achieve comprehensive learning for many children across Puerto Peñasco.

AIM Peñasco Executive Director Carolina Pacheco Robles detailed the organization’s homework clubs are focused on educating future generations. She made it very clear it is not day-care for children, but rather support in helping students strengthen their academic growth.

She furthered it is very important to make the community see the great results already being achieved through work of the two other “homework clubs” opened by AIM since the organization began just over two years ago. These homework clubs are located in Col. San Rafael, with another near the center of town.

Pacheco highlighted an important percentage of the funding of these projects comes from AIM’s sister non-profit organization “Steps of Love” in Phoenix, Arizona.  AIM Peñasco has also become active in fundraising activities itself, including a recent Bacanora tasting night that made it possible to purchase school uniforms for a number of students enrolled at CETMAR and Cobach, and part of AIM’s “Jóvenes en Ascenso” (Youth on the Rise) program.

It is worth mentioning that AIM Peñasco, A.C. was formed in 2015 by Arnott & Kathy Duncan of Buckeye, Arizona, a couple in search of ways to contribute to the community of Puerto Peñasco through financing, in-kind donations, and coordination with volunteers on special projects.

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