Agreement to reinforce sanitary measures for jellyfish fishing

Health filter to be installed at El Golfo de Santa Clara

By José Antonio Pérez

With jellyfish season starting up, it is important to take into consideration how fishermen will be facing COVID-19 and ways to avoid massive infections.

Local 2nd District Representative, Lázaro Espinoza Mendívil, detailed having met with State Secretary of Health, Enrique Clausen, in order to determine preventive measures so that this resource can be sought yet with the minimal risk of coronavirus spread for fishermen.

The Secretary of Health committed to installing a sanitary filter at the entrance of El Golfo de Santa Clara to reinforce health measures. The main purpose of the filter would be to support the fishing sector, monitor different collection sites, and make sure everyone is maintaining a safe distance from each other, using face masks, and following other safety protocols.

Streamlining jellyfish permits for fishermen; harvesting began in early June

With the main goal of improving the economic situation of fishing communities in the Upper Gulf of California during this COVID-19 pandemic, the National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission (CONAPESCA) has determined streamlining permit renewals for cannonball jellyfish, which in the past has generated approximately 14 thousand jobs.

“This season is temporary, which is why many people anticipate it, and it is one of the most important seasons to possibly heal the economy in the area,” remarked César Julio Saucedo Barrón, General Director of Fishing and Aquaculture Ordinances for CONAPESCA.

He detailed, the cannonball jellyfish can generally be found in large swarms from May through August, which makes this resource profitable particularly on Asian markets, and notably China, given its dietary value and in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.



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