5.23 Trapped in Paradise V for Rocky Point Donation Center

Join DJ Scott Kaos again this Saturday, May 23rd at 7pm, as he performs a Live Stream Music Event in partnership with Rocky Point Donation Center to help raise money for families in critical need here in Puerto Penasco due to the CoVid-19 Pandemic!

SATURDAY 7PM on:  Facebook @ FB.me/djscottkaos

**If any feeds go down they will be restored momentarily so return to fb.me/djscottkaos and click in to the new live feed!**

Juan Sanchez- Director, Rocky Point Donation Center

23-may-dj-scott 5.23 Trapped in Paradise V for Rocky Point Donation Center

Rocky Point Donation Center is located on Carretera Sonoyta KM75, as you are enter the town of Puerto Penasco.

The main objective of this organization has been to help bring food to families that did not eat the night before, or to bring pairs of shoes to children that do not have any. To see smiles on children’s faces when they get toys, no matter if the toy is new or used it’s a blessing to them.

As the Donation Center has grown in scope over the past year, they have created partnerships to help local organizations such as Centro De Rehabilitacion para mujeres La Esperanza, CIDA Penasco, and God Grace Foundations. They especially focus on the outlying areas of Peñasco that aren’t otherwise able to easily benefit from charity efforts.

Up to now the Rocky Point Donation Center has been running with close family and friends as volunteers, and with the Covid-19 Pandemic locking down Puerto Peñasco for the past 9 weeks, they want to help more families with food and essential household items. This is why we are asking for your help because there are many families in critical need- now more than ever!

Every single dollar raised will go directly to food and essential household items for vulnerable families in the community.

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