2020 took a toll on Puerto Peñasco tourism

The Covid-19 pandemic this year translated into at least a 60% drop in tourism to Puerto Peñasco, and a nearly 70% decrease in economic revenue, expressed Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) president Héctor Vazquéz del Mercado.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau reported fewer than 1 million visitors made their way to Puerto Peñasco this year, when compared to easily 2 million in 2019.  In economic revenue, this translates to 30 million dollars in 2020, well below an estimated 100 million dollars in 2019.

Still, Vázquez del Mercado acknowledged, in staying positive, what is important is the city was able to stay active and stand out for its early handling of the pandemic.  He added the tourism industry sustained itself without any support from the federal level, which turned its back on this important sector and one of those most impacted by the pandemic nationwide.

The OCV president reiterated, as we move into a new year, strengthening economic revival is fundamental yet without letting our guard down and continuing to heed preventive measures in the ongoing struggle with Covid-19.



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