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August 21, 2019

2015 info on Driver’s License fees and license plate renewal

75% discount on late fees for renewal of license plates in February

The local Fiscal Agency reports those who renew their Sonoran license plates during the month of February can receive up to a 75% discount on late fees.

As at the beginning of every new year, the fiscal agency in Sonora offers discounts during the first three months of the year for renewal of license plates, including up to 100% on late fees in January, 75% in February, and 50% in March.

Jaime Abel White, Technical Coordinator of the Fiscal Agency in Puerto Peñasco, details following the first trimester costs for license plate renewal will increase substantially. In addition, the local police will be able to fine drivers who have not renewed their plates.

An additional modification this year is car owners whose cars were purchased in 2015 (with the official “factura” invoice) do not have to pay license plate fees.

Driver’s License

Along with discounts traditionally available during the first three months of the year, additional benefits in 2015 at the Fiscal Agency including cancellation of general costs for those obtaining their license for the first time.

General license fees have been waived 18 – 20 obtaining their license for the first time, though contributions of 200 pesos for the Red Cross and 250 pesos for Municipal Police will remain in effect.

For foreign residents living in Puerto Peñasco (U.S., Canada, etc.) who wish to obtain their Mexican driver’s license, they must be able to provide an address as evidence they reside in the city, along with Permanent Resident identification (formerly FM3/FM2).

Permanent Driver’s License Fees 2015

2960 pesos for permanent driver’s license or 1035 pesos for those who are registered as receiving pension (INAPAM). The permanent driver’s license does not have to be renewed.

The Fiscal Agency is located at the corner of No. Reelección and Calle Luis Encinas.



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