Rocky Point Zipline plans new thrills by March!

Photos used by permission of Eric Brown

Moments of adrenaline at great heights will be part of the Rocky Point Zipline experience, currently being built in Puerto Peñasco in the area of “Competition Hill” at the end of Sandy Beach.

The first lines of a total of five to be ready before March have been installed, explained Eric Brown, who first conceived of the project over a year ago and is working on seeing it through with support of Gustavo Brown who allowed for set up of the lines.

Eric details he has been working with one of the safest zipline, or rather cable installation, companies in North America. He added the company has installed ziplines throughout the world, guaranteeing 100% safety for adventurous souls taking to the sport. Equipment tests are already well underway to make sure there are no problems, while the lines themselves receive constant maintenance. He also noted the zipline will not effect the normal everyday usage of the mountain in any way.

The idea of the zipline over Competition Hill is so those that use it have the sensation of flying freely through the air, topped with the thrill of adrenaline!  More information at: Rocky Point Zipline



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