Hug it out! Dec. 13th

“Because we all need some affection,”explain organizers, delightful mimes will be giving out hugs this Sunday afternoon, Dec. 13th, on the malecón.

Considering all the benefits of both giving and receiving hugs, members from the local “life coach group” Instituto Vive will be giving out hugs to all who stop by on Sunday, in an act of solidarity and warmth for people in general.

The date is set for Sunday, December 13th in the malecón area of the Old Port starting at 4 p.m. Just find a mime giving out hugs, and go over and ask for a warm embrace.

Nidia Ibarra, event organizer, remarks there are more than 20 people taking part in the HUG event, among them members of the association and collaborators. She noted this forms part of the actions of the Instituto Vive Peñasco.

In promotional flyers for the event, the association stresses hugs have tremendous benefits including that of: lowering tension, improving blood flow, providing safety and trust, as well as relieving stress…among others. So, now you know, if you need a hug this Sunday head to the malecón around 4 p.m., and look for the mimes from Instituto Vive!



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