La Virgen de la bajada

With upcoming celebrations in honor Día de la Virgen [Mexico’s patron saint], nightly pilgrimages, and the fervor of “la Guadalupana,” the chapel to the Virgen of Guadalupe built this past year in the boat launch area entering the Old Port is seeing a lot of visitors, and particularly fishermen who take a moment to offer a prayer before heading out to sea.

The chapel, built following the request of a number of fishermen who virgen-la-bajada2wanted a spot to pray before the fishing season and upon their return, was constructed with technicolor materials, which were brought here from Guadalajara, and with details from the byzantine era.

Encompassing a space of 6 meters, including stairs and lights, the figure of the Virgen de Guadalupe was installed as a spot for prayer, and is visited daily by both local families and tourists.

The structure has a protective cover so as not to be affected by humidity given its proximity to the sea, but visitors can also see ornamental plants alongside flower arrangements left by those who believe in la Guadalupana.

Given its location, the Virgen “de la bajada” was the starting point for the first night of Guadalupana pilgrimages on December 1st in which hundreds took part in the pilgrimage to the Guadalupana church. It was also the meet up and departure point for the recent ride led by “Huellas de Mujer”.

Additional images of the Virgen de Guadalupe can be spotted throughout the year in paintings, roadside and hillside chapels, and murals around the city, in addition to numerous other art forms.



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