Final details being put on new entry to Playa Hermosa

Remaining details are wrapping up on work to modernize the entrance to Playa Hermosa known as “los Guardados”. The first stage of the entryway could be delivered as early as next week.

Work to beautify access to the most visited beach in Puerto Peñasco is wrapping up final details, including installation of a final shade along Calle 18 leading to the access way, construction of sidewalks, and clean-up of a walkway linking the access stairs with the beach.

Heberto Reyna, Director of Public Projects, explained the coming week will see delivery of this project to the community, investment in which totaled 4 million pesos in federal funds during this first phase.

He indicated the first part of the project sought to make access ways to the beach more dignified and included the construction of stairs, parking areas, benches, concrete and steel structures fitted with shades, and the planting of palm trees.

The entire project also includes a walkway from the entry to Playa Bonita connecting with the area near Hotel Peñasco del Sol. This will be done in a second phase.

To prevent problems as well as damage to the project, the Public Projects Director stated support has been requested from Public Safety for a motorcycle police patrol to monitor this area where thousands of visitors and locals gather.

The parking area toward the “Guardados” beach access entry is one of the most highly visited weekend spots for both tourists and residents of Puerto Peñasco.



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