Tianguis Cultural offers space for art expressions

By: Azucena Mazón & Shandra Keesecker-Rivero

The launch of the Tianguis Cultural Fair in Plaza Colosio this past weekend means there’s a new spot to share art and watch artists in action on the malecón.  (Tianguis [pronounced “tee-YAN-geese”] is similar to a bazaar or market)

With the goal of promoting artists by offering a space for the sale of their products, and having artists show the public the creative process behind their pieces, the Tianguis Cultural plans to provide a gathering space at least once a month for all who wish to display their creations and/or produce their work before a welcome public.

tianguis-cultural-ene-2016 (3)The event, from the mind of painter Guillermo Munro Colosio (Memuco), began this past Saturday with the hope that more artists from across Puerto Peñasco join the effort in keeping the art space alive.

The Tianguis Cultural, which is also supported by the local office of Art & Culture, is for painters, artists, actors, musicians, and dancers, as well as others who create any form of art, to get to know each other as well as provide a place for both residents and tourists to enjoy art created here locally.

“It’s worth mentioning,” explained Memuco in an interview following Saturday’s inaugural tianguis, “photographers can go or if you’re a collector of anything, or sell antique items, or if you’re a tattoo artist you can show your tattoos, or obviously if you’re in the culinary arts. All are welcome here; anything that shows off creativity and interests that are a little different – or normal – but don’t have places to go.”

tianguis-cultural-ene-2016 (2)He continued, “For the time being, we’re going to do this monthly and then possibly weekly. For the moment we plan to do this monthly so both we and those presenting can be well prepared. For the next one we are looking at possibly the first Saturday of February.”

For more information, you may contact Memuco at: memuco@icloud.com or 331 753 3549



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