Taxi tips in Rocky Point (CM edition)

Around Puerto Peñasco there are various types of taxis, from the P01 (or rental taxis), to collective and tourist taxis. In the end, they all get the job done by picking up riders at [defined and not so well-defined] “stops”.

Taxi goers can expect to pay from 25 pesos (per person) for trips within the city, and up to 200 pesos or more to the tourist resorts (frequently taxis will give a group price).

There are a few tips to keep in mind when taking taxis so that the process is not so chaotic, particularly when in a hurry:

  • According to the Municipal Transport office, use of radio taxis – of which there are three dispatch spots in town – provides greater safety to riders because they are certain a legally operating vehicle has been sent out, as there may be some “pirate taxis” out there operating without all their papers in order.
  • Check with your hotel if they have taxi services on call, frequently parked near the entrance to the hotel/resort. These are a safe bet for picking you up in a timely manner.
  • Another recommendation is to ask before getting in exactly what the rate will be from where you are to where you’re going, in order to prevent surprises. A useful phrase here in Spanish is ¿Cuánto me cobra a (destination)…? (How much will you charge me to…(destination)…?
  • It’s also important to make sure to take all your belongings when exiting a taxi, as in case you forget something it may be difficult to recover as taxi drivers quickly move on to the next trip and are not always aware of what may be left in their vehicles.
  • Riders should always make note (at least a mental note) of the taxi number before hopping in, preferably a printed sticker and not simply a hand written number or a small square on the license plate (which can be stickers that are easily put on and taken off). This will also assist if you need to identify the vehicle if you leave something behind.banditos-taxi
  • Always make visual contact with the driver, like when you’re checking the fare as you get in.
  • If you live in Puerto Peñasco and it happens to be a busy vacation weekend …or week… it is recommended you aim to use taxis in the morning up through mid-day. Afternoons and evenings during these busy times (from Spring Break to Semana Santa, Memorial Day to Circus Mexicus and beyond) tend to see taxis mostly occupied with tourists, and taxis don’t always stop to pick up local passengers.




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