2013 Rocky Point Triathlon!

The 2013 Rocky Point Triathlon will go down in memory as having challenged the extreme tides of Puerto Peñasco just days after a full moon! This year’s organizers, Human Movement Management, did a fantastic job of holding up traditions under the emblem of Swim, Bike, Run, Party! Initial numbers indicate more than 700 participants in the 2013 Rocky Point Tri at Las Palomas, with more Mexican triathletes participating than ever! Dates for next year are already up, so plan to come down for Rocky Point Triathlon 2014 on April 26th! (Anyone check the tides?)

Official results here!
Photos by Rocky Point 360 team. Used here courtesy of Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort.



Architect, fotographer, golfer and enthusiastic promoter of Puerto Peñasco!

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