Puerto Peñasco honors fallen fishermen on Día de la Marina

On June 1st, authorities from the naval sector along with municipal and state officials, students, and the public in general, gathered on Malecón Fundadores to remember those who died in defense of Mexico at the Veracruz port in 1917 and to pay homage to the “men of the sea” that have lost their lives to the waters, as well as a number of older men who have dedicated their lives to fishing.

Following the formal event, a floral wreath was placed at the foot of the Shrimp Fisherman in honor of the first residents of Puerto Peñasco. Then, various boats from the Navy, tourist providers, and private individuals headed out into the waters in front of the malecón for the placing of a wreath at sea in memory of fishermen who are no longer with us, as well as for sailors who have fallen at sea in defense of the country.

As part of the Marina Fest celebrations, lasting from May 27th through June 5th, evenings have included carnival rides, performances by bands such as Los 3 Rios and Sonora Dinamita, cultural presentations, a singing contest, and the coronation of the Marina Fest Queen.



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