Presenting FC Tiburones de Puerto Peñasco!

On the same day Mexico fell 1-0 to South Korea at the Rio Olympics, an eager group of young talent from Puerto Peñasco were welcomed into the 3rd Professional Division of the Mexican Soccer Association, Group 13.  Presenting “FC Tiburones de Puerto Peñasco, A.C.”!

The path for the Tiburones has come across obstacles, including debates as to whether the Tiburones or another team, “Pelicanos de Peñasco”, would make it to the 3rd Division. However, this question was put to rest during the presentation of the Tiburones soccer club by Jose Escobedo Corro, Third Division President of the Mexican Soccer Association Federation, who stated, “Just recently I gave the good news that Tiburones would participate in Group 13 of the 3rd Division.” Escobedo Corro, who had made his way to Puerto Peñasco from the Divison offices in Toluca (central Mexico), emphasized the teams and players, should see each other as athletic rivals, not as enemies. He stressed, “When the ball is rolling and there are 90 minutes to play, we see each other as athletic rivals. In the end we must acknowledge who has triumphed, who has won, and be humble in victory.”

Mauricio Ruiz, one of the principal promoters from the Third Division in seeing this project come to fruition in Puerto Peñasco encouraged the young soccer stars to absorb the importance of this opportunity, adding their professional soccer careers begin now. “Hopefully many of you can achieve this dream,” he urged.

Begun in 1967 with 16 teams, the Third Professional Division of the Mexican Soccer Association Federation now surpasses 200 teams across the country. The 2016/2017 season for Group 13 will begin around mid-September and includes teams from Sonora, Sinaloa, Baja California, and Baja California Sur, among others.  Good luck, Tiburones!




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