Navy applauds performance of Mexican Athletes at 2016 Rio Olympics

Mexico City. Aug. 14, 2016.

The Secretary of the Navy recognizes the participation and performance of all Mexican athletes representing the country at the 2016 Olympics being held in Río de Janeiro, and particularly that of athletes from the Secretary of the Navy.

Among the Navy athletes competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics is Madaí Pérez Carrillo of Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, who turned in a time of 2:34:42 in Sunday’s marathon, placing 32nd in what is now her third appearance at the Olympics.

In addition to Pérez Carrillo, the Navy 2016 Rio Olympic athletes also include:


  • Juan Carlos Cabrera Pérez
  • Kenia Vanessa Lechuga Alanís,

Track & Field:

  • Brenda Eunice Flores Muñoz
  • María Guadalupe González Romero
  • Alejandra Ortega Solís
  • Omar Zepeda De León
  • María Guadalupe Sánchez Magaña
  • Vianey De la Rosa Rojas


  • Jahir Ángel Ocampo Marroquín

And still to compete:


20 KM:

  • Alejandra Ortega Solís
  • María Guadalupe González Romero
  • María Guadalupe Sánchez Magaña

50 KM:

  • Omar Cepeda de León



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