Mini-aquarium offers glimpse of sealife

Though not quite complete, a new aquarium experience will be open to the public for a few days so that people can view the resident caguama sea turtles, and other species.

Jesús Pulido, responsible for the aquarium endeavor, remarked staff is currently working on the space while also looking to bring in new species. Still, the facilities are already open to visitors for anyone who would like to stop in.

He indicated the mini-aquarium presently houses eight caguama sea turtles, two small crocodiles, seahorses, a diverse type of fish, shellfish, and geoduck clams.  The facility currently has been granted authorization as a depository for the endangered caguama sea turtle on behalf of PROFEPA (Federal Environmental Protection Attorney).  Pulido detailed maintenance of the facility runs at least 1200 pesos daily (about $75 US) for food, as well as staff.

The aquarium experience is located between Calles Durango and Fray Servando in the Mirador neighborhood, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.  Entry: 20 pesos children, 30 pesos adults



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