Local musicians and followers of Joaquin Sabina prepare tribute

sabina-tributeDuring an “express” interview with Rodolfo Haros, better known as “Fofo”, the local musician and event promoter detailed the Tribute to Sabina will take place this Thursday, Feb. 26th at El Tapeo Wine Bar.

From behind the computer which he uses for design, el Fofo related how they’ve have the idea to do a tribute to Sabina for the past six years. However, after a series of accidents and setbacks they decided to postpone it.

Originally the idea came from el Fofo, Miguel Jiménez, guitar and lead singer for La Merca, as well as Jorge Meza “El Cachi.” However after pursuing their daily lives, and playing in different groups, the idea fizzled and it wasn’t until after Joaquín Sabina’s most recent concert in Hermosillo that the local musicians came together once more to plan the long anticipated event.

For the concert, under the title of “Ni tan jóvenes Ni tan viejos” (Not so young, not so old), along with the three founding musicians they’ve invited various local musicians to join. This will include Roberto Mendoza on electric guitar, Heber Murua on keyboard, Fer Balderrama on drums, and Héctor Valenzuela – better known as “Cuervo” on bass, plus the back-up voices of Karla Villaseñor and Vania García.

sabina-tribute2The idea of this tribute is to interpret songs by Joaquín Sabina from across the ages and off all his albums, taking advantage of the Spanish singer/songwriter/poet’s wide repertoire that is rich in rhythm, styles, and themes. Plus the evening will take advantage of the ample range of Miguel Jiménez’s voice (aka Miguel), whose husky style is similar to the imprint Sabina leaves on his songs, “broken” as he would say.

The tribute, which has been in preparation through several weeks of practice, will include the most popular pieces of Joaquín. Following this concert in Puerto Peñasco, the musicians doing the tribute hope to have other presentations in cities such as Hermosillo and Caborca.

The tribute concert to the music of Joaquín Sabina will begin at 9 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 26th at El Tapeo. Limited tickets still available. Tickets 100 pesos.



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