Local Chamber of Commerce swears in new board

In 1975, the Puerto Peñasco Chamber of Commerce (CANACO-servytur) swore in its first canaco-14-15Board of Directors under the initial leadership of Gilberto Castillo Montiel; on Tuesday, May 6, 2014, Guillermo Muñoz Fierro was sworn in as incoming CANACO President following the interim period of Gustavo Antonio Turati. Begun initially among business leaders who came together on May 7, 1975 with the goal of no longer depending on the Chamber of Commerce in Mexicali, at one point in time the Puerto Peñasco Chamber of Commerce, Services, and Tourism included a membership level of more than 350 local businesses and professionals.  Though membership declined once laws no longer made it a requirement for businesses to belong to the local Chamber of Commerce, the CANACO has persisted and currently consists of 145 members. Exiting CANACO President Gustavo Turati proudly expressed during his interim period of just 7 months, from September 2013 to March 2014, a number of new affiliates came on board and interest in the Chamber’s activities is continuing to grow.

The goal of the local Chamber of Commerce is to “represent and defend general business interests, services and tourism with the sole goal of promoting the development and prosperity of business owners, while seeking to provide both good quality and prices to consumers of products and services.” Towards this goal, explained Turati in his year-end report, in 2013 the local CANACO embarked on the program “If we all buy in Peñasco, we all win,” encouraging people to buy locally while helping to strengthen Puerto Peñasco’s businesses.  The event culminated in October with a number of raffle prizes provided by CANACO businesses.  In November, furthered Turati, the local CANACO also put on their first “Buen Fin” (Good Weekend) business expo at Plaza la Madre.  Incoming board members look forward to continuing and strengthening such events while working to attract more businesses and individuals to become members.  More information available at: : canaco_pp@prodigy.net.mx  or Tel: 638 383 4468

canaco-14-15During the recent event, held before a full audience in the Gran Salón of Peñasco del Sol Hotel, CANACO Secretary Ángel de la Puerta gave a detailed history of the local Chamber’s past, noting the land where the CANACO currently stands on the East side of Plaza del Camarón, was donated to the Chamber by Gilberto Castillo Montiel during his term as Puerto Peñasco Mayor. In 1997-98, the event hall in the back part of the Chamber was added, and in 1999 the lobby and access spaces became part of the building. Now, in 2014, the City Administration has expressed the intent of paving Calle Coahuila, which would further strengthen the professionalism of the local CANACO. The event also included special recognition of Gilberto Castillo Montiel for his role as founder of the local CANACO, and the swearing in of the 2014-2015 board along with the numerous special sections:

President – Guillermo Muñoz Fierro

Secretary – Ángel de la Puerta Gerardo

Treasurer – Lucy Yanet Bustamante

Vice-President of Tourism – Oscar Palacio Soto

Vice-President of Commerce – Eddie Wharez

Board members: Asunción Muñoz Macías, Arturo Cano Romero, Pedro Rincón Rodríguez, Ing. Leonel Limón Montijo, Pedro Iván Celaya Rivera, Lic. Myreya Moreno Corona, Alejandro Portugal Cruz, Raquel Romo Romero and Brian Paul Guzmán Javalera.



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