Guadalupe pilgrimages mark part of holiday season

In addition to the swearing in of a new Mexican President this year, Dec. 1st marks the beginning of the daily pilgrimage processions through town from the Church in the Old Port to the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church in the center of town. These processions lead up to Dec. 12th the Day of the Virgen de Guadalupe, or rather the patron saint of Mexico.  Processions will begin daily at 5 p.m. at the Capilla del Sagrado Corazón (Dec. 1 – 11) with different sectors of the community asked to participate. On the 11th, in the evening after the procession there will be homage to La Virgen María de Guadalupe beginning at 10:30 p.m. with a mass and vigil, followed by “Las Mañanitas” (traditional song sung on birthdays).  Plus, the XXXVII Guadalupano Marathon will be from Monday, Dec. 10 – Wed., Dec. 12 and on the 12th a holiday festival and family gatherings with the burning of a traditional wooden “castillo” on the 12th at 11 p.m.  *Note: Wednesday, Dec. 12th is a bank holiday*

The pilgrimages this year include Dec 1: City Hall, Fire Department, Police and Rescue Bodies, social clubs such as Rotary, Lion’s Club, professional women’s club, charity groups and bricklayers; Dec. 2 – Puerto Peñasco families, and Christian Family Movement; Dec. 3 – *The pilgrimage begins at the Templo de San Francisco* – boat builders, bank and hotel employees, boards from packing companies; Dec. 4 – business owners, commerce employees, 2nd hand store owners, grocery and convenience store, Las Conchas employees, Tourism and UFCM; Dec 5 – railroad workers and their families, mechanics, carpenters, welders, car body workers, florists, iron workers, artisans, liturgists and ministers; Dec 6 – those in transportation, taxis, drivers, truck drivers (garbage trucks), street vendors and Holy Spirit worshipers; Dec 7 – photographers, social security, telegraph, postal employees, Red Cross, doctors, supermarkets, pharmacists, office workers; Dec 8 – federal and state employees, employees from Telmex, and CFE; Dec 9 – youth movements and groups, teachers, community ejidos, employees from La Cholla, Sandy Beach, religious people from across the community, youth choirs; Dec 10 – parents, those in catechism, nurses, secretaries, office workers, professionals, consultants; and on Dec. 11 – everyone is invited to join.



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