From Peñasco, with love

For the past few months, a new attraction in the Old Port area is the installation of large letters spelling out P E Ñ A S C O. The letters, which serve as a welcome photo background for hundreds of tourists daily, curiously represent a love story.

The seven letters making up the word P E Ñ A S C O are set up at the top of the stairs facing the malecón fundadores. Their colorful forms contain figures allusive to the sea and beach, along with the words “Fe” and “Esperanza” (faith and hope). Hundreds of families and residents visit the letters on a daily basis, posing next to the letters from a variety of angles with the Sea of Cortez reflecting in the background.

What few can hardly imagine is that behind these letters, which were not part of a tourism marketing strategy as in other cities, is a love story: the story of a man who wanted to present this as a gift to the woman he loved, who herself grew up in Puerto Peñasco, requesting the names of both remain anonymous.

The large Peñasco letters were handcrafted from fiber glass by Javier Sandoval and are meant to withstand factors of both weather and visitor traffic. Local artist Izrael Rios, along with assistance from artist Bogart, used airbrush techniques to paint the letters. The local administration helped with installation of the letters.




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