Attention to streets right before Rocky Point Rally

Director of Public Projects, Heberto Reyna Orozco, reported following damage to streets from early Fall rains a couple weeks ago, this week his department would be working to fill in pot holes along the city’s main streets – and particularly along those with heavy bike traffic in the coming days – and for Saturday’s Bike Parade through town.

He remarked that, despite windy conditions and sand, staff from his office as well as the Federal Maritime Zone and Public Services were also working on cleaning up sand and trash.

On Saturday, Nov. 8th, the Bike Parade will begin at noon in front of the Red Cross on Blvd. Freemont, and then transit along Blvd. Juarez, Calle López Mateos (near the baseball stadium), turning right on Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez and then Ave. Sonora and Calle Miguel Hidalgo before returning to Blvd. Juarez and heading to the Old Port.

In the meantime, work to repair pot holes across the city will continue along numerous streets impacted by the October rains.



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