Zipline given go ahead in La Cholla

By José Antonio Perez

Starting this weekend, the Rocky Point Zipline in the area of La Cholla began functioning after receiving authorization of meeting minimum safety requirements, detailed Civil Protection and Fire Department Director Francisco Javier Carrillo Ruiz.

The Fire Chief detailed his department has worked closely with the zipline company as the goal is to minimize any accident risks once the zipline begins operations.  He explained as the structures were built and will operate on private property, the municipal authority is responsible for verifying these meet minimum legal requirements, which has been corroborated by inspectors and his department.

Carrillo Ruiz stressed the zipline company fulfilled observations made, which led to a green light for their project.  He emphasized if any incident were to occur, this will be the direct responsibility of the customers and the company operating the zipline, not of governmental authorities. He added his Department will remain alert to the zipline structures on “La Loma” (otherwise known as Competition Hill), and will immediate close down activities if security regulations are not met.

The Safety official noted those who use La Loma for competitions (particularly over Semana Santa) will not be impacted by the zipline course as the lines are at a considerable height off the ground.

Those in charge of building and operating the new high-thrills business is the company Universal Zipline Technology, through its local affiliate Rocky Point Zipline. Universal Zipline Technology has a 100% proven safety record and experience with ziplines in several countries including Costa Rica, Ecuador, British Virgin Islands, China, and the United States.

Photos used by permission of Eric Brown



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