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April 21, 2019

Year begins with two wildlife rescue attempts

By José Antonio Pérez

As awareness increases across Puerto Peñasco to report sightings of wildlife found in town to 911, this Friday marked the first attempts this year to rescue wounded animals in the area. These rescue attempts included efforts to tend to an injured owl, as well as a beached sea lion.

Erick Francisco Gastélum Pacheco, Director of Animal Control for the Municipal Health Office, indicated a male owl with an injured wing was rescued from a tree near a home, where it had been perched for three days.  They expect to treat the owl and release it back into its natural habitat within coming days.

Similarly, the office responded to reports of an older sea lion beached in the area known as “Bajada de las Pangas” boat launch area on the way to the Old Port.  Unfortunately, given the sea lion’s advanced age and serious injuries it had to be put down.

Gastélum Pacheco applauded progress made in developing a culture of awareness to report sightings of wildlife found within the urban area. He detailed in the past six months such reports have led to rescue attempts of a dolphin, coyote, sea lion, and a red-tailed hawk, as well as the owl and sea lion from today.

Please report any sightings of wildlife within the city to: 911



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