World Kidney Day walk to raise kidney care awareness

By José Antonio Pérez

World Kidney Day (March 14th)in Puerto Peñasco was celebrated with an awareness walk, which started at Plaza la Madre with close to one hundred participants, along Benito Juarez Blvd. with a police escort as they made their way to the local Dialysis Unit.

Men, women, and children participated in the event, which lasted approximately 40 minutes.  Once at the Dialysis Center, Enrique Rodriguez Ramirez, Vice-President of the Association for the Integral Community Assistance Project, proposed a toast (with a bottle of water, of course) to celebrate their commitment to the protection of these vital organs, and to thank everyone for their support in participating in this walk for prevention.

Association President Magda Bastida Lucero similarly expressed appreciation to all who participated in the walk, noting the non-profit Dialysis Center (located behind the General Hospital on the northeast side of town) has been in operation since October of 2017, highlighting its purely social goals.

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