Work on track to open roads by end of March

Contributor  Puerto Peñasco Chamber of Commerce Office

On Friday, March 13th, CANACO President Guillermo Muñoz Fierro met with Engineer José Luis Villalobos Jimenéz, current Director of Public Projects at City Hall. It was stated that paving work currently underway on Blvd. Benito Juarez along the stretch from the anchor to the Old Port entrance will be completed and open to vehicle traffic by March 28th at the latest, noting that concrete is to be poured along that stretch beginning March 18th.

For the stretch of Blvd. Benito Juarez in front of Sam’s up to the intersection with Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez and Blvd. Samuel Ocaña, the pouring of hydraulic concrete will be done on the West side of the road. Due to the pouring, the West side will remain closed until the cement cures, however the unpaved though prepared East side will be opened to allow for easier access for tourism into the city, which will also assist with traffic flow.

With respect to Blvd. Samuel Ocaña, concrete pouring will be completed on the South side from Ave. Puerto Escondido up to Av. Constitution. As such, the south side will remain closed, with solely the north (unpaved yet prepared) side of the Boulevard opened to traffic.

Engineer Villalobos remarks that everything is on track to meet projected completion dates as communicated to the community and businesses operating in these parts of town.



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