When does turtle watch begin?

By José Antonio Pérez

So far in 2018, there have not been any reports of turtle nesting in areas surrounding Puerto Peñasco. However, ZOFEMAT (Federal Maritime and Land Zone) officials believe, just as last year, this may occur again come August.

ZOFEMAT Director Luis César García González detailed the historic 2017 turtle nesting season registered at least 10 nests, the collection and protection of over 700 turtle eggs, and the successful release of nearly 400 baby turtles into the Sea of Cortez. These ten nests were reported precisely in August in areas in front of Sonoran Sun, Las Concha, Las Palomas, Las Palmas, Bella Sirena, Esmeralda, and Mayan Palace, as well as witness accounts from Playa Encanto.

It has been reported, however, the finding of two deceased adult turtles that washed up on coastal areas just beyond Playa Bonita as well as Sandy Beach. The Federal Environental Protection Office (PROFEPA) was immediately notified and the specimens removed, and it was determined both cases were due to natural causes and not human involvement.

To report wild life sightings, i.e. along the beach and/or nesting, please notify the C4 Health Office (by calling 911), who in turn will contact the appropriate departments.




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