Efforts to remove whale carcass from skirts of whale hill

By José Antonio Pérez

Federal Maritime Land Zone (ZOFEMAT) and City Public Service personnel have begun the process to remove part of a whale carcass, which beached last week on the rocks between Cerro de la Ballena (Whale Hill) and the malecón.

The grey whale, about 22 meters in length and weighing an estimated 20 tons, washed up on the relatively inaccessible rocky coastline late last week, detailed ZOFEMAT Director Luis César García González.

Garcia explained part of the whale’s tail has been removed though they are still trying to resolve the issue of removing the rest of the animal as the rocky surroundings and incoming tides limit access to it. An extraction plan to remove the whale carcass in pieces is in effect, with the goal of preventing foul smells or other discomforting issues from the whale carcass.

This is the second sighting of a grey whale (Baleanoptera Physalus) this year, species of which is not very common for these waters. However, according to official data, this is the third occasion in which a deceased whale has washed up on Puerto Peñasco shores. The first occurred on April 15th in Las Conchas, and a second on May 13th near Playa Encanto.



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