Weeklong celebrations for International Women’s Day

By Richard Scott

March 8th is International Women’s Day. In honor of this, Puerto Peñasco’s Instituto Municipal de la Mujer is presenting a week of events that will culminate in honoring this year’s Mujer con Valor.

RS-womens-bkfst Weeklong celebrations for International Women's DayCasa de la Playa in Las Conchas was the location for a Monday morning breakfast offered by Mayor Gerardo Figueroa to initiate the week’s events. Members of the community networked and discussed the role of women in society. The Mayor and first Lady Rafaela Felix spoke, emphasizing the need for more women to be involved in government. The Mayor thanked Milva Gutierrez, Director of IMM and organizer of event. He noted this year the Municipal Women’s Institute (IMM) was very energetic and getting a lot done.

Later that day, a conference was presented in the Kiosco del Arte at Plaza Camarón. The Kiosco had been in repair for some time due to fire damage. Mondays’ event marked it’s re-opening, and return as a resource to the community.

“We take care of those around us. Does my son have clean shoes? But what about my shoes?” Maria Conchita Peralta spoke about etiquette and personality at the conference where the emphasis was on single-parenting. “How you speak, how you sit, how you walk, all of this presents how you feel about yourself. But you know what, this is boring! Just me talking, even I am bored.” Maria flashed her eyes at a woman in the third row. “You told me you really wanted to learn something today, Yes? Let’s see what we can do together.”

The talk turned to projecting confidence simple by body language and how you move. After a few tips from Maria, the woman got up and practiced a relaxed, confident walk to the podium. “Too stiff, her arms are like this” said one woman, locking her arms to her side. A big laugh, and now everyone wanted to help. Soon the conference became a conversation between amigas.

Additional events marking the celebration of International Women’s Day this year will include a “high heel” race in the malecon on March 6th, presentation of this year’s Mujer con Éxito awards (Successful Women), and a celebratory bike ride on Saturday, March 8th departing from Plaza la Madre.



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