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August 25, 2019

Water and sewage work set back paving of Blvd. Freemont

By José Antonio Perez

Mayor Kiko Munro indicates current work to repave and finish paving Blvd. Freemont has been set back about a month in order to ensure installation of water lines along the important road.  He explained the decision was made to reschedule work in order to place lines corresponding to potable water and sewage.

It is important to note, he stated, the four lanes along Blvd. Freemont will be fully refurbished once work is complete. He made assurances that adjustments to work along Blvd. Freemont will prolong construction for an additional month, though will be well worth it in making sure the work is done well and with the respective infrastructure.

He also stressed within the short-term work is set to begin on repaving Ave. Cuauhtemoc, as well as refurbishing of new parks in various parts of the city, before the end of 2016.



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