“Vive el Mar de Cortés” winners cruise on Astoria

Aboard the Astoria cruise ship is the ideal way to explore ports along the Sea of Cortez, and the lucky winners of Puerto Peñasco’s “Vive el Mar de Cortés” contest will be doing just that!  The contest, which the City administration promoted across the state from June 1st thru Oct 15th as part of its “Peñasco Attracts” (Peñasco to Atrae) campaign, selected four winners who each won double-passes to travel on the Astoria this January. Winners included Sara Gomez of Hermosillo, Dolores del Carmen Méndez Valenzuela of Caborca, Alex Fierro from Empalme, and Teresa Romero from Puerto Peñasco. Congratulations!

You can follow their exploits aboard online at: Kiko Munro

astoria-ganadores “Vive el Mar de Cortés” winners cruise on Astoria



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