Use of thermal cameras will provide 10-day period for entry of Peñasco residents

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. May 27, 2020.

Puerto Peñasco Mayor Ernesto Kiko Munro announced the installation of thermal cameras at the health filter checkpoint into town provides the possibility solely for Puerto Peñasco residents to enter the city as part of Phase 1 of the overall “Peñasco Activates” plan to gradually revive the local economy.

The mayor detailed as of May 27th, a large tent and cutting-edge technology (of the company TotalPlayEmpresarial) have been set up at the health barrier installed along the Peñasco – Sonoyta highway, in order to further guarantee controls and prevent any local outbreaks of the coronavirus.

Munro explained for only the next 10 days, entry to the city will be permitted for residents who for whatever circumstance were not in Peñasco prior to the shelter in place and roadblock restrictions. These individuals must accredit they are full-time residents in the municipality (photo ID with proof of residence), sign a Letter of Commitment to self-isolate for 14 days, and will be given an identification sticker for their vehicle. These individuals must also follow the presently established health guidelines in the city (use of masks, curfew, only essential outings, only two per car (with one person in back seat/both with masks), among others).

“Those wanting to enter must comply with these protocols, which while bothersome are necessary; they are cumbersome and affect our everyday life yet have been proposed given the low statistics of Covid-19 in Puerto Peñasco. It is the guarantee we have to ensure the reopening phases of our Activate Peñasco plan,” indicated the mayor.

cameras-kiko-castro-1200x673 Use of thermal cameras will provide 10-day period for entry of Peñasco residents

“The fact this will allow entry to Puerto Peñasco does not mean this also gives permission to go to beaches (which are closed), have parties, or for tourism activities in general, as social distancing continues with the same restrictions for all,” emphasized the mayor.

The mayor underscored authorities will be relentless in ensuring compliance with health and safety measures and apply sanctions respectively.

The mayor reaffirmed the first phase of the city’s reopening plan, from May 18th – 31st;if all outlined goals are met, Phase II will be from June 1st – 15th, followed by Phase III tentatively set for June 16th, which would allow for the entry of visitors.



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